Long May She Reign by Rhiannon Thomas

Long May She ReignLong May She Reign by Rhiannon Thomas
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I liked this book more than I thought I would… it seemed like it was a mixture of Beauty and the Beast and Sleeping Beauty. The Beauty and the Beast side showed out with the mad scientist part… Freya’s love for science made me think of Belle’s father.

Then of course, the fact that so many people were poisioned automatically made me think of Sleeping Beauty because an entire town fell asleep there….

I liked Fitzroy. Freya and Fitzroy’s friendship was cute, and I liked the fact that it was forbidden…and their romance seemed more believable than the romances in A Court of Thorns and Roses, The Red Queen, and The Valiant. It was refreshing to actually kind of see it, and they weren’t automatically put together like in those books. They were a little bit more developed than those YA books. I do agree that it could’ve been a little more, but like I said it was still better than what I have seen in those books.

It was nice to find a YA fantasy book I actually liked this year. I had such high hopes for the other three that I read this year.

And plus, that cover is simply gorgeous.

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