Review: Salvation and Secrets

Salvation and Secrets Salvation and Secrets by L.A. Cotton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

My first impression of this book series was that it was going to be like another Twilight series, minus the vampires. Jackson reminded me of Edward, and Ana kind of reminded me of Bella. (I only read the first book of Twilight by the way.)

I almost wasn’t going to read Salvation and Secrets, but I was glad I did. There’s sooooo much more than that first impression the first book gives you. There’s more plot and there’s more intrigue and mystery (and romance if you’re into all of those sex scenes… those aren’t too bad to skim on by though!).

Plus in this book we get Jackson’s point of view! He became less like Edward Cullen from Twilight and that was when I gave him a chance.

The reason why this was a four instead of a five is because….Ana did annoy me a couple of times in this book. For example, she went out alone by herself even though she specifically knew a little bit about the danger she was in. And she still let Jackson back in too quickly. But the plot did start getting more interesting after that and I did stop comparing the book to Twilight more in this book though and was able to enjoy it more after it. I liked Ana’s role in the end though (despite the part where she goes out ALONE again.)

I even found it addictive and hard to put down while reading it. I just kept wanting to go on. I liked Dennis and Paul and would like to read about those two. I know we have a story about Dennis but I hope we get a story about Paul sometime in the future.

Overall, Salvation and Secrets left a much better impression on me than the first book to Chastity Falls did. It is not a standalone series, you do have to go back and read them in order but it is worth it. I will be reading the other books sometime soon.

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