Review: Bookish Boyfriends

Bookish Boyfriends Bookish Boyfriends by Tiffany Schmidt
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received Bookish Boyfriends by Tiffany Schmidt from Netgalley (and the publishers) in exchange for an honest review.

Bookish Boyfriends was pretty much all I had expected it to be and more. At one point between 20-40 percent of the book it had gotten really cliche and my reading time with it was very slow paced. I had almost put it down because the romance between Merrilee and Monroe bugged me. But then it got SO much better.

I like how she decided she didn’t want anything like Juliet in the end and she took her time to grow as a character in the book. All of the other characters in the books were very likeable. Fielding was one of my favorites as well as Toby. I liked that Pride and Prejudice was in the book even though I have never read them. I’m not really much for classics, but this book almost makes me want to pick a few up. ALMOST. I don’t know if I actually ever will since they aren’t my cup of tea, but I thought the author did good for getting me almost curious enough.

This book was just so adorable, and everything I had hoped it would be (minus the slow part I had hit in the early stages.) It was very well written so it is definitely a five star read.

I’d definitely recommend it to anybody who loves YA romance and books about books.

Thanks again for giving me the chance to read and review!

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