Review: The Dating Debate

The Dating Debate The Dating Debate by Chris Cannon
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Dating Debate by Chris Cannon had a promise of a cute plot line. The heroine was a bookworm who LOVED Harry Potter. I liked that fact and the fact that she had the same views on reading as I did. She liked both ebooks and regular books to sit on shelves just in case all things digital disappeared. That’s pretty much the exact reason why I buy books once in awhile still.

I love books that are about books but this one was just ok to me. I felt like I was missing the spark between the two characters. And the interest in Harry Potter felt like it was a bit too much, but when I was the main character’s age I did Harry Potter RPG, checked out mugglenet constantly especially when the sixth Harry Potter book came out, wrote Harry Potter fanfiction, etc. So maybe I’m just missing that DIE HARD FAN feeling I used to have.

It’s still a fast read especially if you are looking for a quick romance type books. There was nothing really wrong with it, I think I just missed the connection between the two main characters. Thank you Entangled Teen for giving me the chance to review this.

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