Windfall by Jennifer E. Smith

WindfallWindfall by Jennifer E. Smith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I checked out Windfall by Jennifer E. Smith from the library but I ended up buying because I didn’t leave my airplane mode on my Kindle at the end of the lending period again. But it was cool because it was one of those books that made you feel like you had just purchased the winning lottery ticket…..

Get the pun I kind of made there? Sorry, I sometimes just have to make those jokes.

But if you guessed what the book was about by now, yup! It was another book where someone wins the lottery and the person has so much where they just spend it in risky ways before learning a lesson. I thought Windfall was going to be like Kasie West’s Lucky in Love lottery book, but this one seemed deeper.

I liked how this one fleshed out with real life problems. Teddy lived in an apartment with one bedroom and hardly ever saw his mom because she worked night shifts a lot. Leo was in love with Max but they had their own problems… I actually shipped that ship because they were just cute and they reminded me of two of my friends in real life. The main girl character had dead parents and wouldn’t accept money from the winning lottery ticket because she wanted her best friend to keep it for his birthday since he just turned 18 and also because of her real life problems.

This ended up just being a book that I was able to consume in a weekend, and I was glad I had the day off to start off with even though I really should’ve done errands… but those books that just make you sit down and read instead of doing real life stuff are just the books that you need sometimes!

This book won’t be for everybody, because I know not everybody likes contemporary YA, but I thought it was pretty well written. I was worried about it at first because it was long, but it ended up not being an issue. I actually did laundry the day I read it to give myself an excuse to sit and read it for a few hours. I just love having excuses to read sometimes!

I actually heard about this book from one of those Epic Reads quizzes and this was my winner from the quiz. (Another pun sort of, sorry!) I was very glad I heard about it because I ended up enjoying it and giving it five stars. That cover is pretty cool looking as well. I love covers.

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