April 2018 book haul post….so far….

Oh my gosh!!! You guys. I literally hit the jack pot at my library!! I’m just soooo super stoked for my books I checked out that I’m just wandering around my place in circles with just soooo many happy, excited motions.

Ok, so I have two books I am currently reading now. The first one is Reflection and I am halfway done with it. Another one is an ARC.

And my beautiful library actually had the one book I did not buy this weekend!!! It had The Cruel Prince by Holly Black.

I saw that book from several feet away and literally RAN for it like it was a Black Friday sale. I don’t know if anybody paid attention. I didn’t care. And then it had several other NEW books. For a small library, it does pretty well .

I really only have to read the first three. The rest are on my Kindle but I wanted to admire them too. It’s nice having a break from screens.


Here is my beautiful Mulan book I am halfway done with.IMG_20180402_180630588.jpg

I’m just so excited!!! And now I need to get back to Reflection so I can read The Cruel Prince.

I am curious to see if I like it or not since there are mixed reviews.

What books have you read? Did you like any of these books?


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