Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Loved But Wouldn’t Re-read

All right, so I decided I needed to spice up my blog by doing some non-review posts. Reviews will be my main posts still, but these top Tuesday things look like they will be fun to partcipate in! A couple of these are actually just books I liked but won’t reread…. I guess I’ll be a rebel with this stuff!

The Broke and the Bookish used to do this, but top ten Tuesday now lives with That Artsy Reader Girl.

Anybody that knows me knows that I LOVE to reread books. Up until the last year I reread books ALL the time. There’s Harry Potter, The Mediator by Meg Cabot (haven’t reread in two years!), Karen Kingsbury, The Bloodlines series by Richelle Mead, any Meg Cabot book, etc.  But now I have the evil task of choosing what not to read. Just kidding, it wasn’t quite as evil as I thought it would be. 😉 Now let’s get onto the task, shall we? These photos are all from Goodreads.



I liked Apollo a lot as a narrator. He made me laugh, especially when he tried to be empathetic towards us mortals. But I don’t think I’d ever re-read Apollo or another Rick Riordan book. I have yet to read book number two!



I remember I actually LOVED this book and the cover at the time I read it, but I don’t think I’d ever reread it.



This book was one of those where I just liked it, but I did give it a four star read I believe. It was one that I just had to check out because of the hype. But I won’t ever reread it again even though I will check out Legendary from the library.


A Dog's Purpose

This book also wasn’t a “love” book but it had a strong rating from me. It’s not something I see myself rereading any time soon.


Rebel Belle

I actually really did love the first book, but I don’t see myself rereading this series. I do love the fun covers. I have yet to read the last one in the series. Isn’t this cover super cool? It wasn’t a dislike series at all. I am just not likely to reread this again.


Elenor and Park

This book wasn’t a love book, but it is one I don’t see myself ever rereading. Again, it is hard choosing books that I won’t reread since up until the last year, rereading was such a huge part of my life.


The Hunger Games

I actually did have a pretty strong rating once I gave this book a real shot the second time I tried reading this book. I watched the movies and Finnick Odair made me appreciate the series in the second movie… GAH I LOVE Finick Odair so much. I don’t think I will ever reread this series, but if I do it will because of Finnick.



My best friend got me the third book by accident for Christmas my senior year of high school I believe. I kept it and bought the first two… and MAN I used to love this series so much. But then when I got out of college I realized how high school-y they really were when I reread that series. That Brennan girl got into trouble wherever she went! Now the series about Ariana was actually pretty cool because of how dark she was.


To Kill a Mockingbird

I have actually tried rereading To Kill A Mockingbird when I thought my book slump this year was from having enough of young adult books. But then my mind was like, hahahaha, JUST KIDDING! You haven’t had enough of young adult books yet. I know, can you imagine? Me, not reading young adult? Oh gosh I can’t even think about that. I’ve spent my whole life practically invested into young adult.  I don’t care about the young adult haters, YA IS AWESOME AT ANY AGE!! Yes, I had to use my caps lock then. But anyway, I tried to go back to the classics that I liked back in high school, but nope. I couldn’t do it. Maybe at another point of my life I will be able to reread this book, but not right now.


The Great Gatsby

I loved reading this in high school, but I probably wouldn’t reread The Great Gatsby again. I can’t seem to bring myself to enjoy classics over young adult. I don’t care who says I’m not really reading if it’s not classics.


So, what did you think? Do we have any in common? What are some books you won’t reread but you loved or at least liked at one point? Feel free to drop a comment below!



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