Weekend update

Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been a little MIA over the weekend. I actually had plans and I had a library book to read by Monday (The Traitor’s Prince) and an ARC to read by next week… I didn’t expect to be finished with that one already, but I will be posting that review on the release date next week per the author’s request.

I hope everybody has been having a good weekend! I have read five ARC’s in the last week and a half and I’m very glad to have the chance to read library books again. I LOVED having that problem of too many books to read at once! It makes it easier when the books are actually so good that they can’t be put down. Feel free to check out my recent reviews!

I haven’t decided how many times I will post weekly on a regular basis, but three posts a week MIGHT be doable depending on what is going on, and how many deadlines I have in a week at work. (It’s a little bit hard to focus on a new book when I have several going on.)

I hope everybody has a good weekend! I DO have a blog tour post that I scheduled over the weekend and it has a gift card giveaway, so you guys should check it out! See you next time!


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