Mini reviews for books that don’t have reviews yet

I guess I need to do another mini review post since I have about four or five books I need to review.

LegendaryI did not know I was going to like Legendary by Stephanie Garber as much as I did. I normally have to be in the mood for a fantasy book. I mostly picked this one up from the library because I knew I probably wouldn’t like it.

I got sucked into the Caraval world like how everybody else got sucked into the first book. Legendary just had what Caraval was missing for me. It just seemed so mysterious and magical and I liked that they were on the hunt for Legend and I liked that we got Tella’s point of view. I didn’t think I would like her, hence the reason why I didn’t think I’d like this book. This book is probably the most surprising read for me this year.

I ended up buying the hardback book once I was done with the library ebook. I wanted it to sit next to the Caraval book. I need to reread Caraval sometime soon to see if I like that one better since this one really surprised me. I have been recommending this to everybody since it was a five star read. It’s not every day when a fantasy book gets that outcome for me. Plus, that cover is pretty cool also!

weddingWedding Date for Hire by Jennifer Shirk was a four star rating. The Hallmark Channel got me in the mood for some wedding related stuff last month. I know some of you already know this, but I’m sad that they are now doing Christmas in July cause some of those wedding movies were super cute like that one with the country singer and a few others.

Anyway, Wedding Date for Hire was a pretty cute, fluffy read. Maddie McCarthy wanted a date to her sister’s wedding to prove to everybody that she didn’t have the family curse where people didn’t want to date her.

She went to Match Made Easy and the owner of the business actually hooked her up with somebody she hated back in high school. All in all, it was a really cute wedding romance read and it’s another one I’d recommend to anybody that needs an easy read. (The price of it wasn’t bad either! I got it off of bookbub!) I bought a few more of Jennifer Shirk’s books and can’t wait to read more of them.

bookAlways a Bridesmaid by Lizzie Shane was a freebie I got off of bookbub. I usually never read freebies I get from that site, but they actually had a lot of wedding romances and since that was what I was in the mood for, this was another perfect choice.

Always a Bridesmaid is kind of like the movie The Kissing Booth except it has a wedding in it, and the characters are adults.  Parvati Jai struggles with her best friend getting married since she suddenly has time for everybody else but her. During her absence, she accidentally starts getting close to Max Dewitt, her best friend’s brother. They started seeing each other whenever he came into Parvati’s coffee shop every day, but then they started talking on the phone and he seemed to always be a knight in shining armor in every situation.

It was fluffy, though there were a couple of moments where the characters would have me shake my head at them for how silly they were being, but I guess weddings can set anybody on the edge and do crazy things.

It still was a four star rating and I’d recommend it to anybody who likes The Kissing Booth, Bachelor shows, or basically anything romantic or even if they are looking for best friend falls for her best friend’s brother plot.

Alex, ApproximatelyAlex Approximately by Jenn Bennett was the first book I read in July and it was a five star rating.

I struggled with getting into this book the first time I read it last year but I got the paperback at the used bookstore recently and decided to give it a shot when someone recommended it on Instagram.

I really liked the fact that each chapter had a movie quote. There was one from Pitch Perfect, one from Harry Potter, and other familiar quotes. Bailey, aka Mink loves movies and she basically is close friends with an online friend named Alex who lives in the same town her dad lives in.

She ends up moving there without telling Alex about it and gets a surprise when she finally learns who he is. (I’m not saying who in the review.)

I really liked all of the characters and drama in the book. I don’t know why I put this book down in the first place last year, except that maybe it was just the wrong time to read it. It’s definitely a good book to read in the summer time and it’s fast pace and connection to the characters was why this book was a five star rating.

I’d definitely recommend it to anybody that needs a summer contemporary young adult book, and to anybody that likes books that are about movies. The main plot also deals with enemies turned to friends to love plot. It was an easy read. I even got Starry Eyes once I finished this book because I got excited for that one because of this book.

What do you think? I know I did a semi wrap up review post for some of these in the June wrap up post, but I know they weren’t really proper reviews. I wanted to actually try to write a small review to get caught up on them. What book have you really liked this year that surprised you? Feel free to drop a comment! 

8 thoughts on “Mini reviews for books that don’t have reviews yet”

  1. Caraval & Legendary seems like a bit different kind of fantasy. I’m usually not in a mood for fantasy, but this series is on my list 😀
    Considering you are not a die hard fantasy reader (that’s how it sounds anyway), and you liked it that much, i take it as a good sign 😀

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