Throw back Friday: Mini reviews post

AlwaysAlways Never Yours was a five out of five star read. I really enjoyed the actual drama that was talked about in this book. I enjoyed the Romeo and Juliet part of the book even though I am not much of a classics reader at all. I wish I were, but hey. We all enjoy what we like, right?

At least I can enjoy it through characters in young adult books. I really liked Megan for the most part, but there were times when she just got on my nerves because she kept pulling the whole nobody, not even my family deserves to love me act. It’s one thing to be like that about guys, but family is family. They usually don’t just abandon you just because you are going to college soon. That was the main flaw I had with this book. I really liked the characters though and I was definitely shipping her with her friend the whole time. I thought it was well done, and it was an easy read for the most part.

This was a library ebook. I definitely want to buy it on sale sometime.

boyfriendThe Boyfriend Bracket by Kate Evangelista was one of my top anticipated reads this year. It had such a cute plot, and then there was also a best friend’s brother relationship thing.

However, aside from the whole plot and romance I kind of lost interest in this about halfway through. I need to stop comparing this type of book to The Kissing Booth, but it really did remind me of that movie. It just didn’t have the same sparkness for me. It was still well written, but I gave it a three star rating.

I ended up buying this on my e-reader because I got a gift card for myself. I may reread it sometime in the future to see if my thoughts will change since I do normally stay interested in stories like these.

airportsAirports, Exes and other things I’m over was another book that had a cute plot set up ahead.  The cover intrigued me all year, so I was happy when my library finally picked it up for me.

I really liked the guy Sari met when she was staying with her grandmother. I felt like the book could have been better if it was focused on the whole spring break aspect, not on the ex boyfriend, trying to get back home the whole time. It also ended up being one of those really short time frame books too.

But I still really liked how loyal Fitz was to her even though they didn’t know each other for long. He was one of my favorite parts about this book and I was cheering him on throughout the whole thing. Maybe I’ll try reading this book at another time, but it was a three star read for now.

I thought I’d have way more to say about these books. The best one out of these choices was clearly Always Never Yours. Have you read these books? What are your thoughts on them? They all had very cute covers! Feel free to drop a comment! 


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