August 2018 wrap up post

August was another weird reading month for me. I started off strong with Hot Pursuit. That review will be coming to my blog on Friday as part of my blog tour post. I have the review on my Goodreads if you really want to see it beforehand. My DNF books of the month were The Kiss Quotient, Furyborn, and My Lady Jane.


The highs for the month were Hot Pursuit, Irish on the Rocks, Love and Other Secrets, and Jesse’s Girl.

To All the boy’s I’ve Loved before got better the second time reading, though I technically DNF Always and Forever Lara Jean before I finished it a second time through. Here’s the P.S. I Still Love You review.

Love A La Mode was ok, and The Elite was another reread.

Again, I did not finish The Kiss Quotient, Furyborn and My Lady Jane.

Here’s to hoping September will be a better reading month! 😀 I absolutely adored the TATBILB movie! That warmed me up to the books more. What was your August like? What were your favorite reads?


12 thoughts on “August 2018 wrap up post”

    1. I’ll have to message why My Lady Jane is a DNF cause it’s a spoiler answer. But it is a it’s most likely just me type of thing having an issue with the thing I couldn’t get over.

      I was so mad at myself for DNFishing that and Furyborn. I couldn’t get into Furyborn at all either and I kept trying to get past 50 pages and 100 pages. I just missed the train for that one.

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      1. You can dm me on Insta with the answer if you want. I’m really bad with spoilers, I tend to blurt them out all the time.

        There are just some books we’re cursed to dislike! You’re strong to try and finish it… But sometimes you have to call it quits and admit a book is just not for you.

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    1. The reason why I DNF is a huge spoiler and I don’t want to be a spoiler jerk. However, I can message you on Twitter if you truly still want the answer. It’s an it’s just me having a major misgiving with something type of thing. Again, I can message you if you want.

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