ARC book review: Perfect Harmony by Emily Albright

Perfect HarmonyPerfect Harmony by Emily Albright

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received Perfect Harmony by Emily Albright from Netgalley. This has no impact on my thoughts. My thoughts are my own.

When I first saw the plot of Perfect Harmony, I was really intrigued. I was a choir student in high school so I can sort of understand band related stuff. I liked the fact that Pippa was really involved with her cellist and I liked the competition between her and Declan.

The things I didn’t like were the romance through out the whole book and the drama between Pippa and Quinn. (The romance wasn’t between them, just about the same guy.) I didn’t even like how Pippa treated her brother’s best friend. I get all that is high school, but that part of the plot was a little bit standoffish for me. I still liked the book very much and just wished it had focused less on the romance part. I still read this relatively quickly while I was on vacation earlier this month.

Perfect Harmony was a four mostly because of the misgivings mentioned above, but as a whole I thought it was a good book! Thank you Netgalley for the chance to read it.

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