Blog Hiatus

Hey guys! I seem to officially go into a hiatus hibernation mode every year around this time, and since I’m hosting Thanksgiving AND Christmas this year, I am starting my hiatus a little bit early since I have no more ARC’s to review until next year. I’m still only having one family member over for both holidays, but I’m also trying to declutter my living room a bit and I seem to just make it a bit messy.

I need to organize my Bookstagram photos stuff too, so Bookstagram may also be on a hiatus too.

It’s just a bit busy around this time of the year. I haven’t figured out if I’m putting out my Christmas tree for just one person. I am still putting out other small decorations, but just not into the tree thing yet this year. Don’t get me wrong, I DO love Christmas. I’m just working on decluttering my apartment some. Right now it’s mainly my desk and entertainment center, but those two are out in the open and yeah.

Hiatus is starting early and I shall be back probably in January. Sorry!  I will not be on Twitter still, that is still deactivated until I feel like participating on that site again and I spend too much time on my personal Facebook and Bookstagram as it is.

I hope everybody has a good holiday season no matter what they celebrate! And if you don’t celebrate anything, I am still sending positive vibes your way too because the world could do with a little bit of kindness.

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas (or whatever you celebrate. I celebrate that though.) and happy new year!

2 thoughts on “Blog Hiatus”

  1. Enjoy your time away! Sometimes breaks are important so we can rekindle our love for certain things and come back fresh with new ideas. I hope your holidays are filled with lots of laughter, happiness, and you stay safe!!

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