eARC review: No Offense by Meg Cabot

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No Offense (Little Bridge Island #2)


Meg Cabot (Goodreads Author)
 3.17  ·  Rating details ·  173 ratings  ·  96 reviews
Molly Montgomery couldn’t be more thrilled about starting her new life as head of Children’s Services at Little Bridge Island’s brand-new public library. Happy to have left her problematic ex behind on the mainland, her new life feels like heaven . . . at least until she finds a newborn baby in the library’s public restroom. Then suddenly she begins to wonder if life in Little Bridge isn’t exactly paradise.

But when Sheriff John Hartwell answers Molly’s 911 call, things begin to look up. He couldn’t be kinder (or better looking) and handles the baby—and the hunt for its missing mother—with far more sensitivity and understanding than Molly would have expected from someone who never reads fiction. Maybe there’s more to this tall, taciturn sheriff than meets the eye.

Recently divorced John Hartwell has been having trouble adjusting to single life as well as single parenthood. It doesn’t help that his teenaged daughter, Katie, hates Little Bridge Island and wants to move to the mainland to live with her mom.
But something in the sympathetic, smiling eyes of Molly Montgomery gives John hope that things on Little Bridge might be looking up after all—for both himself and, maybe, Katie. But can two such different people ever find happiness together?

My review:

I actually loved the first book of this series which was No Judgements. These books have bitten the bug for all of my chick lit romance books that I already have that have been around before romantic comedy books recently became popular.

No Offense was the second book in this new series and I absolutely love the small town feel. I have been to Key West Florida and I pictured this town to be like that. I love how the community was knit tight and I loved all of the secondary characters. I even liked the two main characters, but maybe not the romance part. The romance felt a little bit flat to me, which was sad because I thoroughly enjoyed the first book.

I still loved the fact that Molly was a librarian though and I loved Elijah. He was one of my favorite characters. I liked the sheriff still and how everybody knew him and his daughter.

This book was a three star rating, but that means that it was still good for me! A three star rating doesn’t mean that the book was bad. I will definitely still be continuing the series if there’s more books after these. I hope there will be more!

Thank you for reading! 

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