Blog hiatus

My laptop is currently out of commission due to security issues again. I’m also not really enjoying blogging and reading right now for whatever reason and probably need a break anyway so maybe the laptop issue is a blessing in disguise.

I will be back whenever these issues are resolved. I will most likely need to buy a new laptop.

Anyway, I may be on social media through my phone some but I think a break is just needed.

I’m sorry I keep going on breaks for a long time, but I think I need to while I am trying to figure out how to read, blog and work again.

6 thoughts on “Blog hiatus”

    1. Thank you! It is definitely angry with me. Keeps going back and forth between green and red but I think I fixed the security portion.

      Still trying to figure out how to work, read and blog again though. Idk how I did it at the paper, they had lots of deadlines. I work at a health call center now.

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