eARC review: Don’t Fall for the Fake Boyfriend by Lacey Bolt

Don't Fall for the Fake Boyfriend

Don’t Fall for the Fake Boyfriend

Would you go to your ex-fiance’s wedding, even if the bride was your cousin?

Emily’s past just won’t leave her alone. Just when she thought she was done with her cheating ex-fiance, she gets the invitation to his wedding. If she goes alone, everyone will think she’s still in love with him. Skip it all together, and everyone will be convinced she’s still in love. Her only solution is a fake boyfriend.

Bill is a cardiologist who can get any woman he wants. For some mysterious reason, he agrees to stand by Emily’s side for the wedding. But hidden beneath the surface are secrets that may ruin everything. Can their fake romance survive without turning into something they’ll both regret?

Don’t Fall for the Fake Boyfriend is the second book in the Don’t Fall sweet romance series. If you like gorgeous doctors, scenic weddings, and swoon-worthy kisses then you will love this romantic comedy!

My review:

Don’t fall for the fake boyfriend was a cute fun read! I also adore the cover and the bright color.

This book was part of a series but each one can be read as a standalone without any obvious spoilers that happened in the last book.

It was a fast read and I liked how protective Bill was of Emily especially from her crazy family. I definitely felt sorry for her and everybody seemed to be super toxic about her past. There was definitely lots of drama and everybody wanted to rub the wedding into her face and she did try to remain strong through the whole thing. Poor girl!

I loved the characters in the book outside of the family. I just wanted to knock the family members off the boat to be honest.

One of the things I didn’t like was how there was some miscommunication and judgements but that was changed at the end.

This book was a fun easy read. It was a four star rating. Thank you publisher for allowing me the chance to read and review this. My thoughts and opinions are my own.


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