KU book review: So that happened by Katie Bailey

So That Happened

So That Happened


Katie Bailey (Goodreads Author)

 4.14  ·   Rating details ·  562 ratings  ·  109 reviews

I spent the night with a hot, grumpy stranger in an airport hotel.

No, not like that. Get your mind out of the gutter. It was just sleeping. And… maybe a little cuddling.

Long story short, I embarrassed the heck out of myself. But at least I never have to see him again.

Except the universe is clearly out to get me, because Monday morning, I arrive at my new job and who’s the first person I see?

Hot stranger himself: Liam Donovan.

AKA my new boss.

AKA Annie, you are so freaking screwed.

While the HR rulebook doesn’t explicitly say you can’t share a bed with your boss, I can read between the lines. And I need this job.

Which is why I have to pretend that night never happened. Luckily for me, sexy as Liam—excuse me, Mr. Donovan—is, he’s surly, rude and totally not my type.

Or so I keep telling myself.

Because I’m starting to think there’s a warm, gooey cinnamon roll with extra frosting lurking beneath that impressive, muscular form.

I promised I’d never choose between my career and love.

But when a scandal threatens to break, that promise could prove impossible to keep…

So That Happened is a laugh-out-loud funny, swoony, closed door romantic comedy. Expect some mild language and suggestive jokes coupled with tons of chemistry and tension, but no explicit scenes.

My review:

So that happened was simply adorable. I loved all the fluff in it and the fact that it had a steamy sounding title but it really wasn’t explicit.

Instead there were just a bunch of awww moments and I even found myself laughing during a couple of scenes. My favorite scenes were when Liam watched Annie play badly at softball and he ended up being really into that. And I also loved when they played laser tag. And when she stood up to his father when he was putting Liam down.

So this happened was just like a warm hug and it’s definitely a five star rating. I loved every moment of it! I definitely recommend it if you want a sweet falling for your boss romance trope book.


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