Books I enjoyed in 2022

Another year has closed and it has been ages since I have posted here. I deleted half of this post because I didn’t want to get mistaken for a life blogger, I am not a life blogger. I did have a lot of personal stuff go on.

My Goodreads challenge for 2022 was to read 74 books and I crushed that goal with reading 104 books. That was 31,956 pages read total. I also have read fanfiction that were long stories too, but Goodreads doesn’t count those. My average rating for books was four stars. The first book review of the year on Goodreads was Kissing Games by Stephanie London which was just two stars because it wasn’t the best read for me. It was a Halloween centric book and I was reading it in January and the timing of that seemed very off to me and I am a mood reader.

This was a year where several books stood out to me. I would’ve liked to put these side by side, but I have not figured out how to do that with the new WordPress layout. It also has spaces in between on my end, but not in final version.

Sorry for that including so much scrolling, but I haven’t talked about books in ages and I thought I would share some of what I read recently. Merry Ex-mas by Courtney Welsh was my favorite Christmas book and my last book I reviewed was Crossing the line by Lynn Rush and Kelly Ann Blount which was a five star rating for me.


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