eARC review: The Valentine’s Hate by Sidney Halston

The Valentine's Hate: A Novel

The Valentine’s Hate: A Novel by 

Sidney Halston (Goodreads Author) 3.67  ·   Rating details ·  263 ratings  ·  111 reviews

A delightful enemy to lovers/fake engagement rom-com themed around Valentine’s Day! Jennifer Lopez’s movie Marry Me meets Erin Sterling’s holiday themed The Ex Hex.

Cupid only strikes once. At least that’s what Lissette Alonso believes. Ever since the Most Disastrous Valentine’s Day of All Time(TM) she has hated all things V-day. But Lizzie’s best friend is having pre-nuptial festivities for a week leading up to her February 14th wedding and Lissette is taking her maid of honor duties seriously, maybe too seriously. Of course of course of course who is the first person she runs into on the way to the wedding? None other than her childhood nemesis, Brian Anderson, the reason for all of her Valentine’s Day hatred.

Brian knows he messed up with Lizzie but give him a break, he was just a kid who was trying to look cool and Lizzie regularly pushed all of his buttons–both in school and out of it. He’s always been gruff and grumpy, but these days, Brian is much better off with his writing; fictional characters never talk back. Unlike Lizzie who always has something to say.

Suddenly the two are back under the same roof and bickering like old times, except that Brian has bigger problems than dealing with Lizzie’s verbal sparring. Someone Brian is desperate to avoid shows up and somehow Lizzie gets roped into pretending to be dating him. And, suddenly, the simmering anger has blossomed into something extra spicy… 

My review:

This book was cute. I liked how the high school rivalries got to meet up by chance years later and had a second chance with each other to clear things up.

I actually wasn’t a fan of the steam moments this time but all the side characters were good. I still liked the romance between Brian and the main girl but some parts felt like I was missing the connection, that moment where it clicked for me.

It was still a four star rating. Thank you Netgalley and publishers for allowing me the chance to read and review. My thoughts and opinions are my own.

Thank you for reading!


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