Blog Hiatus

Hey guys! Just thought I’d post an update again. My reading/ choosing books mood has been off since elections last week and I think I’m going to take a break the rest of this month too until the unforeseen future.

I probably will only post WWW Wednesday posts if I am actually actively reading books instead of bouncing between a modest ten books I can’t choose now.  I think I’ve taken breaks around this time of the year the past two years anyway so I might as well make it annual like other people here are doing as well.

I also will try do my posts I have already on my calendar such as my ARC posts I have signed up for but I think this year is winding down otherwise for me.

I’ll be on Bookstagram and Twitter because everybody’s posts are inspiring and I love chatting with the community. But I think I need my annual time off from my blog to get me inspired for it again. Please feel free to message me on either platform to chat about books still!

Thank you for understanding in advance, you guys are awesome!



8 thoughts on “Blog Hiatus”

      1. Mostly, thanks! I just didn’t get much reading done because I’m always busier at my parents house. They had new carpet be put in so that made things chaotic the first half. I only read two books vs the six I read at my mom’s in September. I saw some friends though!

        Hope your few weeks was well! 😀

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