Blog hiatus

Hey guys! I’m going to take a week or two hiatus from my blog.

A good friend of mine passed away the other day and I haven’t been thinking of the blog much.

I’ve been trying to be ok and focus on the good memories of him. He was one of the best people I knew with one of the kindest souls. He was a light for this world.

He believed everybody should love everybody no matter what and saw the good in everybody. Everybody loved him. He will definitely be missed.

I still am rereading to stay focused on books because books are like my coffee.  I’m always  have to be reading something. One post is already scheduled for Monday. One will probably be up Labor Day weekend.

I deactivated Twitter but Instagram will probably still be up. Haven’t decided for sure about it. I’ll be back eventually, it could be shorter than I’m expecting. I’m just not sure yet about the time frame.

Thank you!


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