Throwback Thursday: Mini reviews for some books I read in May

I am missing some reviews of books I read in the month of May so I thought I’d do a “throwback Thursday” post for them. They will be short, but not because they are bad. I actually liked them. Just thought I’d do something different for the ones I didn’t get around to reviewing.

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas


One of my old coworkers recommended The Hate U Give to me about a year ago. I stayed clear of it because of the hype. Hype usually scares me off. I liked the writing style of this book though and the characters and the voice. The author took a traumatic situation and handled it very well. I even liked the relationship in the book. One of my favorite scenes was when they were all dancing to The Wobble, Cupid Shuffle and when the girl’s boyfriend was accepted. I can definitely see why some people think this might be a classic book at some point in the future. This book ended up being a five star read for me. There are so many other great reviews for this book and I just pretty much have to say that it is good.

ARC review: Final Draft by Riley Redgate


I got Final Draft from the publisher and I was glad I received it. It was a book about a girl who loved writing. Her favorite teacher ended up in the hospital so she got a new teacher who was a famous author. The new teacher was very picky and hard to please so she became obsessed with trying to please her. So obsessed that it consumed her life and changed her. Her teacher also got her to step out of her comfort zone to try other things for the sake of her writing.

It was another Fangirl type of book, so Fangirl readers will definitely like this book. The romance was kind of a side plot to me for once, I just focused on the main plot.  It was good and it was a four star rating for me. That cover is stunning also. I like how bold the colors were.

A Court of Frost And Starlight by Sarah J. Maas


Look at this! I actully finished A Court of Frost and Starlight. Some of you may know I struggled with this series ever since A Court of Thorns and Roses. I HATED Tamlin so much and he almost ruined the whole book series for me. I pushed through to Mist and Fury and liked that one and tried to read Wings and Ruin. I was a little bit worried about this book because of all of the mixed reviews about it, and because I did not finish A Court of Wings and Ruin.

This book actually surprised me. I ended up getting into it a week after I originally started this library ebook. I liked getting to see the characters more, especially Rhys. I liked all of the Rhys and Feyre moments. And I liked how they were all celebrating their holiday so that made everything all happy. I liked seeing how everybody had changed throughout the book series. This book ended up being a three star rating, which is still good. It showed promise after a DNF for Wings and Ruin.

Wesley James Ruined My Life by Jennifer Honeybourn


I got this book at the used bookstore for less than five dollars. And look at that cute cover? I like blue covers. The girl knew the guy from back in middle school and he shows up in her life again and she is not happy that he is suddenly everywhere, from work, to band, and then her classes when school starts up again. The girl becomes obsessed with trying to get him fired as revenge for something he did before he moved away. It was a cute, fast read. The cover alone screams “summer time contemporary book!”  It was a four star rating for me because of the fast pace.

I also finished Always Forever Maybe, but a review will be coming up next Thursday for my blog tour post.

What do you think? Do you do mini reviews on your blog? I struggled with reviews during the month of May, mostly because I wanted to read during my blogging time and didn’t want to compromise. Feel free to drop a comment!



4 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Mini reviews for some books I read in May”

  1. I really like the idea of mini-reviews and have been thinking about doing it on my blog too. Usually I write far fewer reviews that I read because I would much rather read another book than write a review. Also, like you said for poplar books like The Hate U Give – so many other great reviewers have already said everything that I don’t feel like I can add much! Really enjoyed your mini-reviews, thank you!

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