eARC review: The Bride Goes Rogue by Joanna Shupe

The Bride Goes Rogue (The Fifth Avenue Rebels, #3)

The Bride Goes Rogue

(The Fifth Avenue Rebels #3)


Joanna Shupe (Goodreads Author)

 4.27  ·   Rating details ·  748 ratings  ·  301 reviews

By beloved USA Today bestselling author Joanna Shupe, the third installment in the Fifth Avenue Rebels series about an arranged engagement destined for disaster.

A hard-hearted tycoon.

A romantic dreamer.

An engagement set up to fail.

The charismatic and vivacious Katherine Delafield should be married by now. Her father arranged an engagement to the much sought-after tycoon Preston Clarke ages ago. The only problem is Preston refuses to acknowledge it. But this isn’t going to stop Katherine from living life to the fullest as she ditches all silly notions of love and marriage and sets out to sample all the excitement New York City has to offer . . . the more scandalous the better. Because no matter what happens, she and Prestonwill never marry.

After a tormented childhood, Preston is done letting his father control his life–including choosing his bride. But when a mysterious lover at a masquerade turns out to be his would-be fianc�e, Preston’s resolve begins to crumble. He hadn’t expected Katherine to be so charming. Or beautiful. Or passionate. And seeing her out on the town with other men is driving him crazy.

What happens when the wrong bride turns out to be the right woman after all? 

My review:

First of all, I want to apologize that this review is almost two weeks late after publication. I just turned my life upside down and started over within the last month. This should probably be last mention of the move stuff for awhile but that was an exciting change for me!

I was super excited when I got this book because I loved the first one in the series. The Bride Goes Rogue follows Preston and Kat. Kat believed that she was engaged to Preston because their fathers set up an arranged marriage, but he didn’t follow through on it or really know about it.

I really liked the fact that Kat went to the ball. That sounded like that was a super interesting event to go to! It also sounded mysterious too since everybody had to wear masks.

I liked the plot and the romance between Preston and Kat.

The Bride Goes Rouge was a four star rating. And I also can’t wait for the next book to come out!

Thanks for reading!


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